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  • Aspirin does not Prevent Heart attacks

    New Study: Daily Aspirin No Longer Recommended to Prevent Heart Attacks: new study shows that the risks of bleeding from aspirin, even baby aspirin - outweigh any possible lowered risk of heart attacks or stroke for most people…

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  • Diet Soda and Blindness

    Diet soda but not regular soda with sugar doubles the incidence of diabetic retinopathy which can lead to blindness. MORE CHEMICALS MORE DISEASE…

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  • Free breakfast tied to greater obesity

    Free breakfast tied to greater obesity. The idea that eating breakfast or eating frequent meals helps to lose weight is simply false. And programs that attempt to ensure that people do, result in weight gain as shown in this study. Eating less is the only answer…

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  • Two Daily Aspirin

    Daily aspirin found to NOT improve health. A large study showed that the small benefit to health that does occur is offset by serious bleeding complications that more than outweigh the benefits. As always lifestyle is the answer to overall health, not pills….

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  • Alzheimer's Gingivitis

    The cause, and a possible cure, for Alzheimer’s may have been discovered. New just published research results appear to show that the bacteria that causes gingivitis, or gum inflammation also causes Alzheimer’s….

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