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  • Sepsis Cure? Intravenous Vitamin-Corticosteroid Cocktail Once Called 'Snakeoil'

    Abnormal neutrophil in pleural fluid smear. Sepsis or septicaemia is a life-threatening illness because the presence of numerous bacteria in the blood causes the body to respond in organ dysfunction.

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  • Testosterone and Heart Attacks

    Testosterone supplements dramatically increase of the chance of heart attacks in men…

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  • Sunscreen and Cancer

    A recent study suggests that sunscreen actually causes cancer. I believe it is better for most to get sun in moderation without sunscreen, than to expose ourselves to yet another chemical by regularly using sunscreen…

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  • Memory Loss and Joint Replacement

    Memory loss is a complication in many patients after total joint replacement surgery. Called POCD, (postoperative cognitive dysfunction) it is seldom mentioned…

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  • Life Expectancy Drop

    The CDC predicts the US life expectancy to drop for the 3rd straight year. This has not been seen since the 1916 flu pandemic, and obesity is to blame. Leading causes of death in 1900 were…

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