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  • Two Daily Aspirin

    Daily aspirin found to NOT improve health. A large study showed that the small benefit to health that does occur is offset by serious bleeding complications that more than outweigh the benefits. As always lifestyle is the answer to overall health, not pills….

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  • Alzheimer's Gingivitis

    The cause, and a possible cure, for Alzheimer’s may have been discovered. New just published research results appear to show that the bacteria that causes gingivitis, or gum inflammation also causes Alzheimer’s….

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  • Top Doc: Many Knee Replacement Surgeries Unnecessary

    Up to a third of total knee replacement (TKR) patients have continued pain and up to 20% are outright dissatisfied. The incidence of knee replacements doubled…

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  • Exercise for high blood pressure

    Exercise may work as well as high blood pressure meds” this title says it all from the Chicago Tribune. Anyone with high blood pressure should read this – and live by it. See the link on our website…

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  • Infections from Cord Blood

    12 patients recently contracted severe fecal (eg E Coli) bacterial bloodstream or joint INFECTIONS from supposed UMBILICAL CORD STEM CELL INJECTIONS into their knees and elsewhere. All were hospitalized, one for 58 days
    The company…

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