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  • Insomnia from Anti-Depressants

    A new health study has shown that insomnia is the most common treatment emergent symptoms of anti-depressant drugs. This refers to people who develop insomnia only after starting these drugs for depression…

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  • Sleep Lebron

    Lebron has the right idea, Sleep is “King”

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  • Sulfonylureas Stroke Mi

    Sulfonylureas and basal insulin tied to higher risk of heart attack and stroke in diabetics despite lowering blood glucose. Newer drugs found to be much better. Once again drug side effects turn out to be worse than initially thought.

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  • Antibiotics Aorta

    Increased risk of deadly Aortic #Aneurysm tied to use of the common Fluoroquinolone antibiotic class (Cipro, Levaquin others) #medications. Other dangerous side effects…

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  • Cortisone Injections Cause Cartilage Attrition

    Cortisone drugs, (triamcinolone in this study) in a recent study published in the journal of the American Medical Association (volume 317(19) pp 1967-1975), are not used in our clinic for joint injections precisely because they...

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