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Workman's Compensation

Dr. Prodromos Is A Worker-Friendly and Highly Skilled Orthopaedic Surgeon

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SHOULDER AND KNEE SPECIALIST: As a Shoulder and Knee specialist, Dr. Prodromos has special expertise and excellent outcomes in two of the most commonly injured work areas.

HARVARD TRAINED: He is fellowship trained in knee and shoulder surgery at Harvard

PRP AND STEM CELL TREATMENT – He is an internationally known expert in regenerative Orthopaedics, with over 2700 treatments performed. He will discuss whether this type of treatment may be right for you.

ACL EXPERT: He is editor in chief of the standard Orthopaedic textbook on the ACL for Orthopaedic Surgeons used worldwide.

MINIMALLY INVASIVE: He uses entirely minimally invasive surgical techniques when surgery is necessary


LEGAL EXPERT: Dr Prodromos is licensed by the Illinois Supreme Court to give continuing education seminars for attorneys and has done so for over ten years. He uses this knowledge on behalf of his workers comp patients.

SPANISH: We have two Spanish fluent medical assistants

IMMEDIATE EVALUATION: In appropriate cases we will see injured workers even before authorization has come through

CHIROPRACTOR FRIENDLY: Unlike many physicians, Dr Prodromos has a close working relationship with the Chicago area are chiropractic community

RETURN TO WORK: We will not authorize return to work, either light duty or full duty, until we are sure that it is safe and comfortable for the injured worker

Call us at 847-699-6810 if you have a work injury - even if you have already seen a doctor recommended by your employer. You will never be charged for our care for a work injury.

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  • European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery Academy
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