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  • No sling after rotator cuff repair

    New study shows immobilization not needed after rotator cuff repair. I do not immobilize pts after rotator cuff surgery and have had good success without complications doing so. This study validates that approach as also reflected in a recent FB post by a patient….

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  • Young, Fun and Alcohol Free

    “ Young, Fun and Alcohol Free,” from the Sunday March 17 Tribune. Alcohol is a toxin and any drink because others do, but being alcohol free is a definite health benefit. Whatever anti-oxidant value it may have, can be gotten from grape juice without the alcohol.

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  • Very vigorous exercise shown to be ok in middle aged people

    A recent study looked at whether exercise that raises your heartrate to high levels, and does so for prolonged periods, for example 8 hours per week, resulted in increased risk of death or adverse health events.

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  • Top Doc: Many Knee Replacement Surgeries Unnecessary

    In an article you can read here a top orthopedic surgeon describes how the number of knee replacements more than doubled in the first decade of the 2000s, far outstripping population growth. While total knee replacements are an amazing breakthrough for people with disabling knee pain I too have seen how they have become often recommended to patients without severe arthritis where other alternatives could have been tried but were never recommended.

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  • Too Many Pills

    Dr. Phill recently wrote a great article about how we all take too many pills and how this is significantly caused by doctors under pressure to produce assembly line medicine. Basically it is quicker to prescribe pills than talk to patients about lifestyle.

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