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  • Canada, Big Pharma Resisting Trump Plan To Import Cheap Drugs

    Resistance from Canada and U.S. pharmaceutical companies could put a crimp in President Donald Trump’s ambitious plan to import cheaper drugs from the nation’s neighbour to the north. In a series of tweets Nov. 22, Trump promised a White House and Health and Human Service plan “soon,” and the Food and Drug Administration is set to release the proposal in January, The Hill reported.

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  • Obesity May Speed Up Brain Aging

    The brains of middle-aged adults may be ageing prematurely if they have obesity or other factors linked to cardiovascular disease, new research has found. Almost one-quarter of adults have metabolic syndrome, a set of factors that in combination amplify a person's risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other illnesses. In the new research, participants were considered metabolically unhealthy if they had two or more such factors: high blood pressure; high blood sugar; high blood triglyceride levels; or low levels of HDL, the "good" cholesterol — or if they took medicine for diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol.

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  • Opioids Won't Help Arthritis Patients Long-Term

    Opioid painkillers might temporarily ease the discomfort of arthritis, but they have no clear lasting benefit, a research review finds. In an analysis of 23 clinical trials, researchers found, on average, opioid medications were somewhat effective at easing pain in patients with osteoarthritis. That is the common form of arthritis in which cartilage cushioning the joints gradually wears down, leading to swelling, stiffness, and pain.

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  • The Surgical Complication That Can Damage Your Brain

    Delirium can be more serious than people realize, but there are ways to help prevent it. William Borten had no idea his wife’s colorectal surgery could affect her mind. But a day later, Judith Sue Borten couldn’t remember her birthday or who the president was.

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  • The Carcinogen NDMA found in zantac and some blood pressure medications.

    The Carcinogen NDMA found in zantac and some blood pressure medications. This has caused a maker of the drug to stop distributing it, at least for now. Heartburn and blood pressure are often successfully treated without medications by lifestyle changes such as weight loss and dietary changes

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