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  • The Surgical Complication That Can Damage Your Brain

    Delirium can be more serious than people realize, but there are ways to help prevent it. William Borten had no idea his wife’s colorectal surgery could affect her mind. But a day later, Judith Sue Borten couldn’t remember her birthday or who the president was.

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  • Sleep Lebron

    Lebron has the right idea, Sleep is “King”

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  • Appendix removal is linked to lower risk of Parkinson's

    Appendix removal is linked to lower risk of Parkinson's, link to this article at our website below. The larger message is the link between the gut and the nervous system. Gut health is tied to avoidance of antibiotics and other chemicals and probiotics...

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  • Common Chemical Causes Language Delay in Children

    The chemical is phthalates.
    Please follow link to our website to get the link to this article. Another example of our toxic environment causing disease...

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  • TKA Expectations

    If you are more active, your total knee replacement will likely wear out sooner requiring revision surgery. Patients expect better than what they get, a new Orthopaedic study states...

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