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Medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs

You should all read about and get to know how medicinal herbs affect you. They are cheap, safe and effective. There is not big money in selling them so we use pharma drugs instead with all their marketing because they are profitable. Here’s what to do…

A good general article on some herbs can be found here. I have done a great deal of research on supplements that help arthritis, and in some cases tendinitis. Here is a link to the place on our website where they can be purchased. I individually recommend them to patients. They all have evidence showing efficacy, all are from reliable manufacturers and all are in the proper doses.

However there is much more to medicinal herbs than the ones I have researched for arthritis. Medicinal herbs are useful for every common malady: upset stomach, headache, insomnia etc. My recommendation is to find a “functional” or “integrative” doctor who believes in them and is knowledgeable about them to guide you. Then over time you can see how they affect you and use them and not drugs. Herbs have been used effectively by humankind for millennia, and you should use them today and, again, avoid drugs.

We are excited to have an integrative/functional medical doctor, Daniel Murauski D.O. join us in our practice in Glenview in a few weeks. You can also read and research on your own as well. It is a whole new world of health and infinitely better than the polypharmacy – too many drugs – that have become the norm in our health care system.

Medicinal herbs

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