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Sleeping Pills Warnings

Sleeping Pills Warnings

FDA issues new warnings on dangers of #Ambien and other #sleepingpills. Patients exhibited dangerous behavior due to drowsiness the next day that was #fatal in 20 cases. And sleeping pills, all of them, do not induce normal sleep…

Just one more in an endless series of examples of how drugs are tremendously over prescribed and usually not nearly as effective as they are thought to be. At the same time, these pills have far worse side effects than advertised. When drugs are truly needed, such as antibiotics for severe infections or chemotherapy they can be life saving, but insomnia can really only be combated with lifestyle changes. More exercise, more regular sleeping habits etc. Pills represent an easy way out for many problems, and like most easy ways out, they usually don’t deliver – except to their manufacturers in the form of tremendous revenue streams.

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