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  • No evidence found that red meat or processed meat increase risk diabetes, cancer or heart disease

    Most scientist praised the the rigor of the study. Some however have opposed the results arguing that there are other reasons to eat less meat related for example to climate change. It was never clear why red meat should’ve posed a risk to help to begin with. One can at least posit a rationale that processed foods can be harmful based on the chemicals used to make them, but there’s really no such argument to use against red meat.

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  • PRP is favored in professional athletes

    I explain to patients that PRP is favored in professional athletes because it is beneficial and not harmful unlike cortisone which can kill both tendon and ligament cells and does not enhance healing as PRP does. The point is that if PRP is the right choice for professional athletes and it is available for any patient, why not use it in the general populace, which I do, as well.

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  • Bride Loses 30 lbs Before Wedding Without Exercise

    UK bride and internet sensation loses 30 lbs in 4 months before #wedding by eating 600 calories/day, without exercise, and she dealt with hunger by focusing on her goal.

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  • Light for Cancer

    Infra-red lights effectively used to eliminate #cancer in humans without #chemotherapy or surgery! We are heavily involved in laser and light therapy for orthopaedics but a fascinating article released last month from the US national cancer institute now shows…

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  • Bunion Shoes

    Virtually all #bunions can be treated without surgery. Despite that about 150,000 bunion surgeries are performed each year. There are many failures and complication. Here is how to treat without surgery…

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