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  • Drug and alcohol deaths triple after gastric weight loss surgery

    New research has shown that a type of weight-loss surgery called Roux-en-Y which removes a large part of the stomach resulted in dramatic increases in deaths from alcohol and drugs. This appears to relate to the fact that the body processes drugs and alcohol differently after these surgeries rendering them more lethal.

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  • Plant-based Diet for Crohn’s Disease

    A plant-based diet can cure Crohn’s Disease. A recent study documents complete remission of symptoms in adult Crohn’s Disease when meat and processed foods were removed from the diet. This mirrors prior work showing the same result in adolescents.

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  • Excessive hand washing may contribute to increased risk of melanoma and infections

    Dr Gabe Mirkin citing new research has shown that excessive handwashing can strip the skin of oils that prevent infections and also leave the tissue more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays that cause melanomas.

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  • Toxic Sunscreen

    Sunscreens found to be in bloodstream at toxic levels: much higher than government guidelines. Avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene and ecamsule -just what you want in your body. And for most sunscreen is a minus not a plus. Let me explain….

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  • Cannabis And Depression

    Cannabis, marijuana, use was found to increase both depression and suicide in adulthood in those who used it as adolescents in a recent large meta-analysis. The risk translates to about 400,000 cases of depression in the US and a significant number of suicides

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