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Toxic Sunscreen

Toxic Sunscreen

Sunscreens found to be in bloodstream at toxic levels: much higher than government guidelines. Avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene and ecamsule -just what you want in your body. And for most sunscreen is a minus not a plus. Let me explain….

First, excess sun exposure is best and most simply avoided by protective clothing and avoiding excess sun as people in tropical climes have always done successfully. Second, a new landmark study has shown that health is improved when Vitamin D levels are raised by being in unfiltered (ie no sunblock) sunlight. Whereas raising Vitamin D levels with medicines was largely ineffective in improving health. Third, the basic paradigm which prevents most adverse sun effects is simply to be in the sun without sunscreen in small but increasing doses such that you tan but don’t burn. Fourth, the fact that big pharma profits from encouraging everyone to cover themselves in these chemicals is mind boggling. Does anyone seriously doubt that these profits help to drive the popular narrative toward wearing sunscreen.

We have co-adapted with the sun from the dawn of life. It defies common sense to think that this same sun that energizes us makes us sick – unless it is in excess. It is also clear to most that our worsening health levels – most notably increased cancer – are related to the pervasiveness of chemicals all around us. No better way to make ourselves toxic than to cover our skin – which is highly absorbent – with chemicals.

I never use sun block and I limit sun exposure to avoid burning. If you are forced to be in the sun with exposed skin, e.g. a professional tennis player, then go ahead and use it. But for almost everyone else simple moderation of sun exposure and the use of protective headwear and clothing is all that is required to receive the health giving benefits of the sun and avoid the toxic effects of yet more chemicals.

Toxic Sunscreen

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