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Medication Problems

  • Anti-cholinergic Drug Class Associated with 50% Increase in Dementia

    A new study shows that the very common anti-cholinergic drug class is associated with a 50% increase in dementia. These drugs include antidepressants, muscle relaxers, cold medicines, and others. For a list follow the link below

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  • Asthma Inhaler

    Amazingly, a cortisone inhaler (mometasone) was found no better than placebo for a majority of asthma patients in a New England Journal of Medicine study. Follow the link be linked to the study itself and an article about it and more details

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  • Pregnancy Anti Depressants

    Anxiety drugs such as Valium and Xanax associated with higher rate of miscarriage in new study. Yet another example of supposedly safe drugs turning out later to have more and unexpected side effects than originally thought. The obvious answer is to simply not take them.

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  • Sleeping Pills Warnings

    FDA issues new warnings on dangers of #Ambien and other #sleepingpills. Patients exhibited dangerous behavior due to drowsiness the next day that was #fatal in 20 cases. And sleeping pills, all of them, do not induce normal sleep…

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  • Too Many Pills

    Dr. Phill recently wrote a great article about how we all take too many pills and how this is significantly caused by doctors under pressure to produce assembly line medicine. Basically it is quicker to prescribe pills than talk to patients about lifestyle.

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