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Medication Problems

  • Tiger Woods & Ibuprofen

    Ibuprofen masks pain and interferes with healing. Interestingly Mr. Woods is only taking it “preventatively” (according to a Wall Street Journal article) meaning that it might not be treating his pain at all.

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  • Anti depressants & dementia

    This large study in the UK showed that those who had been prescribed “anti-cholinergic” medicines either for depression OR for bladder conditions had more than a 30% increase in subsequent dementia.

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  • Pancreatic Cancer Linked To Blood Pressure Drugs

    This highlights a disease that is largely preventable by simple weight loss. It is well known that most hypertensives, people with high blood pressure, would have the problem completely cured if they got down to their ideal weight, a BMI in the low 20s in general.

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  • Aspirin as Good a Clot Buster as Pricey Drugs After Joint Replacement

    Good old aspirin is just as effective as newer, expensive drugs at preventing blood clots after hip or knee replacement, a new clinical trial suggests.

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  • Ibuprofen Alzheimer's

    First some background. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) is a Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The side effects of these drugs have been estimated to cause over 16,000 DEATHS every year in the United States in a New England Journal of Medicine Study (the world’s leading medical journal). They cause bleeding ulcers that are sometimes fatal, kidney problems, liver problems, reduced sperm count and a litany of other problems.

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