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Medication Problems

  • Sulfonylureas Stroke Mi

    Sulfonylureas and basal insulin tied to higher risk of heart attack and stroke in diabetics despite lowering blood glucose. Newer drugs found to be much better. Once again drug side effects turn out to be worse than initially thought.

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  • Antibiotics Aorta

    Increased risk of deadly Aortic #Aneurysm tied to use of the common Fluoroquinolone antibiotic class (Cipro, Levaquin others) #medications. Other dangerous side effects…

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  • Statins for Cholesterol Not the Answer

    “Statins for cholesterol not the answer” This excellent article points out that statins are way over prescribed and high cholesterol is not the menace many think it is

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  • Gingko pills

    Beware of supplements that are not GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified. Gingko pills have been found to be completely bogus....

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  • ACE blood pressure drugs

    ACE blood pressure drugs found to be associated with increased risk of lung cancer in new study. Here we have the same old story! Old drugs are being associated with newly discovered problems. Lifestyle is ignored; the easy way out with a pill is tacitly permitted...

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