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Too Many Pills

Too Many Pills

Dr. Phill recently wrote a great article about how we all take too many pills and how this is significantly caused by doctors under pressure to produce assembly line medicine. Basically it is quicker to prescribe pills than talk to patients about lifestyle.

The article may be found here. The advent of employed physicians in large health systems has resulted in doctors being fired if they don’t see enough patients quickly enough. All of my employed doctor friends tell me this and it is widely known. This has resulted in what is called “polypharmacy” – patients on many pills they don’t need. Unfortunately all of these medicines have side effects and the net effect is often a worsening of health.

The answer is to find an “integrative” or “functional” doctor if you can – they are MDs and DOs who specialize in finding root causes, eliminating toxins, avoiding pharmaceuticals, and utilizing proper diet to get you healthy. Independent doctors also have more freedom to not prescribe so many meds.

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