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Light for Cancer

Light for Cancer

Infra-red lights effectively used to eliminate #cancer in humans without #chemotherapy or surgery! We are heavily involved in laser and light therapy for orthopaedics but a fascinating article released last month from the US national cancer institute now shows…

How light can also kill cancer. The link to the article is here. Near-Infrared Photoimmunotherapy of Cancer. Basically a substance is given which is attached to an antibody which selectively homes in on cancer cells. When near infra-red light – which has no heat or side effects – is used non-invasively over the cancer the light is picked up by the substance and causes it to explode the cancer cells, and only the cancer cells.. This also increases the ability of the patient’s immune system to fight the cancer. No side effects from chemo or surgery. Excellent results were obtained in a human trial of head and neck cancer patients, and now the treatment has been fast tracked by the US FDA to increase its availability. We have had great success using light therapy to treat back and neck pain and TMJ disorders, and other studies have shown efficacy for dementia and other problems. Like stem cell treatment, this is a safe natural game changing treatment tool for a wide variety of problems.

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