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Bride Loses 30lbs Before Wedding Without Exercise

Bride Loses 30lbs Before Wedding Without Exercise

UK bride and internet sensation lost 30 lbs in 4 months before #wedding by eating 600 calories/day, without exercise, and she dealt with hunger by focusing on her goal. This is remarkable because it tells the three basic truths about effective #weightloss that are usually hidden…

Here is a link to the story. The three truths are:

  • Reduced calorie intake and dieting – often vilified – are in fact the only things that really matter in losing weight.

  • When you reduce calories you will be hungry, you just have to accept it and learn to put up with it if you want to be fit and stay fit, ie this is true for keeping weight off after losing it as well.

  • While exercise is incredibly beneficial to your health, it has little or no effect in helping lose weight. In fact, you really need to lose weight to allow you to exercise effectively without hurting your knees, etc., rather than the other way around.

It is unfortunate that the weight loss and fitness industries mislead the public and tell them that losing weight does not need to involve hunger that dieting doesn’t work, and that diet pills and surgery can provide an easy answer, despite the risks. This falsely leads people to think that weight loss and maintenance are not accompanied by a continuous struggle to deal with hunger, when in fact it is.

The reward for dealing with hunger though is improved health and feeling better. There is no easy way to get the health benefits of a normal, ie below 25, BMI (body mass index) for the vast majority, except by eating much less and putting up with hunger. The hunger can be mitigated by greater fluid intake and other factors such as intermittent fasting for some, and by being busy, etc but ultimately we are programmed to eat when food is available, and learning to deny that urge to eat and dealing with the hunger that results is the only way to stay fit. More people would do that if they were not cruelly misled into thinking that they don’t need to.

This article is one of the few that tells the truth: weight loss is hard but rewarding. Interestingly the other recent post that also tells the truth is also from the UK, recently written about here; and it is also a media sensation, this time on television about an intermittent fasting retreat where the participants eat 450 calories/day. The woman running the retreat has her own reality show and one popular episode written about worldwide also involved a bride.

It would be beneficial to the public as a whole if the essential truths described above were told more often. Most people want to be fit and would pay the price to do so if they understood that it is not abnormal for it to be a continuous struggle. But when an easy way out is provided in the media and indeed by professionals in the industry, it is only natural to take it. It is unfortunate that this false narrative is so continuously foisted on the public – with too few telling the real story as this bride does.



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