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  • UK Patients ‘Suffering’ Because EU Rules ‘Kill’ Medical Research: Report

    Top scientists have said that the EU’s Clinical Trial Directive is making medicine more expensive and research anti-competitive, while the long delays between trial and prescription are causing patients to "suffer". "The Clinical Trials Directive was put forward in the spirit of harmonisation but was, in fact, a mechanism to make trials so horrendously expensive that only Big Pharma could afford to get their products registered," Professor Dalgleish and Professor Lewis wrote in BrexitCentral on Sunday.

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  • The Carcinogen NDMA found in zantac and some blood pressure medications.

    The Carcinogen NDMA found in zantac and some blood pressure medications. This has caused a maker of the drug to stop distributing it, at least for now. Heartburn and blood pressure are often successfully treated without medications by lifestyle changes such as weight loss and dietary changes

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  • No evidence found that red meat or processed meat increase risk diabetes, cancer or heart disease

    Most scientist praised the the rigor of the study. Some however have opposed the results arguing that there are other reasons to eat less meat related for example to climate change. It was never clear why red meat should’ve posed a risk to help to begin with. One can at least posit a rationale that processed foods can be harmful based on the chemicals used to make them, but there’s really no such argument to use against red meat.

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  • Hospitals & Bacteria

    NBC news recently reported that a hospital affiliated with the National Institutes of Health had large quantities of bacteria that are resistant to most or all antibiotics – so called “superbugs” – lurking in its plumbing system. It did not appear that these bacteria routinely made their way to inpatients, but there is no way to know for sure.

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    A recent study has shown that low Vitamin D levels were associated with both prior sports hernias and lower extremity strains. The data was taken from the 2015 NFL combine. Overall 59% of the players had low levels

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