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  • Metastatic breast cancer patient now cancer free after immunotherapy

    The secret to fighting cancers, as well as autoimmune disorders such as MS, ALS and rheumatoid arthritis, lie within each of us in our immune systems. Now this potential is being unlocked in an increasing number of patients. For cancer, the treatment involves removing immune system cells from our body, treating them to recognize the tumor, multiplying them, and then returning them to the body to seek and destroy the cancer cells. Recent articles in The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere have described how the National Cancer Institute’s Dr Steven Rosenberger Institute has treated a patient with metastatic breast cancer that had resisted all other treatments , and was expected to be fatal, who is now cancer free for more than a year after this treatment.

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  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Knee Disorders

    Dr. Prodromos presented the "Diagnosis and Treatment of Knee Disorders" to a room full of chiropractic doctors on October 19, 2017. The presentation and dinner were held at the Maggiano's Little Italy in Skokie. Vast information about the knee was shared and questions were answered, along with the announcement of the 2nd Edition of The Anterior Cruciate Ligament book, which Dr. Prodromos is the Editor in Chief.

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  • Recent Meta-Analysis Shows Hamstring Grafts equally as stable as patellar tendon grafts but with significantly fewer complications

    The authors analyzed all prospective randomized studies comparing hamstring and patellar tendon grafts to come to the above conclusion. Here is how the authors stated their findings: “Contemporary 4-strand HT ACL reconstruction is comparable with the PT technique in terms of clinical stability and postoperative functional status across most parameters studied. The HT technique carries lower risk of postoperative complications such as anterior knee pain, kneeling discomfort, and extension deficit. Primary ACL reconstruction using the 4-strand HT technique achieves clinical results that are comparable with the PT technique with significantly less postoperative complications.”

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  • Is There Any Benefit in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Patients Older Than 60 Years?

    When I began my Orthopaedic Sportsmedicine practice in 1985 ACL reconstruction was generally reserved for young athletes. Over the years the acceptable age for reconstruction has gradually increased. Several studies have shown good outcomes in patients in their 50s. But what about even older individuals? There has been very little data in patients over 60 years of age. However a recent European study looked at a cohort of a dozen patients between 60 and 63 years of age with no significant arthritic changes in their knee at presentation. All patients had restoration of knee stability by ACLR, with no major complications.

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    Yes you read that correctly. A new study from McMaster University found an increased death rate in all users of prescription anti-depressants. This is particularly alarming because these drugs are everywhere, with an almost unbelievable estimated rate of 1 in 8 adults in America now taking them. They also found that the increased death rate, a staggering 33% in patients without cardiovascular disease, was less pronounced in patients with cardiovascular disease, possibly because these drugs have a blood thinning effect. They conclude “The results support the hypothesis that ADs (Anti-Depressants) are harmful in the general population but less harmful in cardiovascular patients.” A recent Newsmax report also states “critics suggest that many people taking anti-depressants may not actually need them, with scientific studies showing psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other treatment approaches are as effective as drugs, or more so. But doctors routinely prescribe the pills because of long waiting lists for therapy.”

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