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  • Living Sicker Overweight

    The real message here is that most people today don’t realize that 5’9” and 169 pounds is overweight. In the 1960s the average 5’9” adult male weighed about 160. Today the average is over 190 pounds.

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  • Ibuprofen Alzheimer's

    First some background. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) is a Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The side effects of these drugs have been estimated to cause over 16,000 DEATHS every year in the United States in a New England Journal of Medicine Study (the world’s leading medical journal). They cause bleeding ulcers that are sometimes fatal, kidney problems, liver problems, reduced sperm count and a litany of other problems.

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  • New Study Shows That Boswellia Has Important Beneficial Effects On Arthritis

    Boswellia or boswellic acid is actually made from Frankincense. Commercially it is often marketed as 5-Lipoxin which is short for 5 lipo oxygenase inhibitor – referencing it’s biochemical activity.

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  • A Patient Asked Me About Patellar Tendinitis After ACL Reconstruction As Reported For Bulls Star @officialZachLavine

    I have no knowledge about his medical history or condition beyond newspaper reports, but can discuss the condition in general. It is the most ...

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    The researchers injected very small amounts of two immune system stimulating drugs directly into the tumors in mice. Remarkably the tumors were completely eliminated, including distant metastases. The treatment was successful for a variety of tumors.

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