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  • Hospitals & Bacteria

    NBC news recently reported that a hospital affiliated with the National Institutes of Health had large quantities of bacteria that are resistant to most or all antibiotics – so called “superbugs” – lurking in its plumbing system. It did not appear that these bacteria routinely made their way to inpatients, but there is no way to know for sure.

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    A recent study has shown that low Vitamin D levels were associated with both prior sports hernias and lower extremity strains. The data was taken from the 2015 NFL combine. Overall 59% of the players had low levels

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    The risk in the past had only been about 1%. However a study from Australia in 2012 showed that soaking the graft in Vancomycin, an antibiotic, during surgery eliminated all post-operative infections

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  • Laser Cancer Treatment Breakthrough Eliminates Resistance of Cancer Cells to Chemo Drugs

    There are a steadily increasing list of applications of the use of low level laser light in medicine. Now a group of researchers have devised a brilliant cancer fighting technique using nanoparticles and treatment with near infra-red laser light to provide a 5 day window during which cancer cells’ defense mechanism against chemotherapy is paralyzed.

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  • Laser Conference

    I presented a paper on our use of intra-articular laser treatment to augment PRP injection for arthritic joints at a major medical conference in San Francisco on Jan. 27th. The laser improved results in patients who had no response to an initial injection of PRP. While most patients we treat with PRP do respond, some do not and face joint replacement surgery as their only other option. There is evidence that low level laser (laser that does not produce perceptible heat and has no known side effects) can improve the results of PRP and stem cell treatments.

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