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  • Chicago-Area Medical Practice Begins Accepting Bitcoin: An Interview with Dr. Chadwick Prodromos

    One of the most exciting things about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is that it is applicable to many different professions and industries. Where there are payments to process or data to secure, blockchain technology can be extremely useful.

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  • Tiger Woods & Ibuprofen

    Ibuprofen masks pain and interferes with healing. Interestingly Mr. Woods is only taking it “preventatively” (according to a Wall Street Journal article) meaning that it might not be treating his pain at all.

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  • Arthroscopes & Bacterial Infection

    Arthroscopes were found in a recent study to have rates of bacterial contamination. Should you worry if you’re going to have arthroscopic surgery? Probably not however

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  • Anti depressants & dementia

    This large study in the UK showed that those who had been prescribed “anti-cholinergic” medicines either for depression OR for bladder conditions had more than a 30% increase in subsequent dementia.

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  • Colorado Law

    This information is intentionally kept secret by hospitals preventing the kind of comparison shopping that goes on in virtually every other field. This has also facilitated the practice of charging the uninsured patient more than the insured, even if this causes significant financial hardship to the patient.

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