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  • Alzheimer's Gingivitis

    The cause, and a possible cure, for Alzheimer’s may have been discovered. New just published research results appear to show that the bacteria that causes gingivitis, or gum inflammation also causes Alzheimer’s….

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  • Exercise for high blood pressure

    Exercise may work as well as high blood pressure meds” this title says it all from the Chicago Tribune. Anyone with high blood pressure should read this – and live by it. See the link on our website…

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  • Evolved to Exercise

    Fascinating January 2019 Scientific American article “Evolved to Exercise” shows how we need exercise to thrive, how exercise doesn’t make you lose weight, and how much we differ from apes...

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  • Sunlight

    It is likely that sunlight contributes to better health in ways that extend far beyond increased Vitamin D production. In a joint paper from Finland and Harvard the authors write…

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  • Alcohol bad for health

    Drinking alcohol does not make you healthier. A new study out of China found that 1 – 2 drinks per day can actually increase the risk of having a stroke. There was found to be no benefit of any kind in drinking alcohol in any amount. This actually makes good sense…

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