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Alcohol bad for health

Alcohol bad for health

Drinking alcohol does not make you healthier. A new study out of China found that 1 – 2 drinks per day can actually increase the risk of having a stroke. There was found to be no benefit of any kind in drinking alcohol in any amount. This actually makes good sense…

The study is described here. Alcohol is a neurotoxin. When your mood is altered that is because the alcohol is inhibiting brain function. Why would anyone think this could be good for you. Truth is - it isn’t. That isn’t to say that occasional imbibement should be avoided. As with almost everything, the key is moderation. Alcohol can be best viewed as something that is a little bad for you in small doses, and very bad for you in large amounts. So if you really enjoy drinking, then go ahead in small quantities. But be aware that you are doing something you enjoy despite its negative health effects, not because of any positive effect.


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