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  • How a Boy’s Blood Stopped an Outbreak

    Here is a fascinating story recently printed in the Wall Street Journal of just this use by a brilliant physician in the 1930s who used plasma to prevent diseases before suitable vaccines existed.

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  • PRP is Favored in Professional Athletes

    I explain to patients that PRP is favored in professional athletes because it is beneficial and not harmful, unlike cortisone which can kill both tendon and ligament cells and does not enhance healing as PRP does. The point is that if PRP is the right choice for professional athletes and it is available for any patient, why not use it in the general populace, which I do, as well.

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  • Light for Cancer

    Infrared lights are effectively used to eliminate #cancer in humans without #chemotherapy or surgery! We are heavily involved in laser and light therapy for orthopaedics but a fascinating article released last month from the US National Cancer Institute now shows.

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  • Laser Conference

    I presented a paper on our use of intra-articular laser treatment to augment PRP injection for arthritic joints at a major medical conference in San Francisco on Jan. 27th. The laser improved results in patients who had no response to an initial injection of PRP. While most patients we treat with PRP do respond, some do not and face joint replacement surgery as their only other option. There is evidence that low level laser (laser that does not produce perceptible heat and has no known side effects) can improve the results of PRP and stem cell treatments.

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  • Facial Rejuvenation PRP Treatment Using Your Own Growth Factors Found to Work Better Rather Than "Readymade” as Anti-Aging Wrinkle Treatment

    Microneedling using PRP (platelet rich plasma) obtained from a small blood draw is a proven relatively painless technique of opening pores to allow growth factors to penetrate deeply to reduce wrinkles and help rejuvenate skin. There are no injections and no cutting of skin.

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