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How a Boy’s Blood Stopped an Outbreak

How a Boy’s Blood Stopped an Outbreak

Here is a fascinating story recently printed in the Wall Street Journal of just this use by a brilliant physician in the 1930s who used plasma to prevent diseases before suitable vaccines existed. Between this plasma therapy, hydroxychloroquine-azitrhamycin, remdesivir, and the drug Actemra – all of which I have described in the last two days, it is clear that the tools exist to defeat the virus with only logistical hurdles to prevent it. Science is important and obtaining good data is important, but not nearly as important as saving lives. Happily, the FDA is allowing this to happen. President Trump, going back to his right to try to act for terminally cancer patients, and extending to his recent actions has also taken a patient-centric approach to fostering the connection of these treatments to the patients who need them. Specifically, he ordered the FDA to fast-track approval of hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, and remdesivir for COVID-19. It is the nature of the scientists at the FDA and elsewhere to be slow and cautious. However, when there are treatments that are proven and safe, that approach can result in unnecessary suffering and death if these treatments are denied to patients in need. The proper approach is to make these drugs, which are clearly safe, immediately available while at the same time meticulously collecting data. Speaking as a physician, I am incredibly happy that he mandated that approach here. 

I will continue to update the status of treatments for COVID-19. There are a number of other drugs being studied, but the treatments listed above are clearly the most promising.



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