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Other Shoulder Surgery

Humeral Head Microfracture :

Although this procedure is most commonly done in the knee, in the case of articular cartilage damage on the head of the humerus, or upper part of the arm bone, it can also be done in the shoulder.

No fracture is actually involved in this procedure, in which small holes are drilled from the joint into the bone marrow. This drilling allows cells, probably stem cells, to enter the joint and generate a form of “substitute” cartilage called fibrocartilage. Microfracture is a simple outpatient procedure that is performed to relieve pain and swelling. This procedure is performed arthroscopically.

Below is a video of this procedure being performed on the humeral head of a patient.


Definition of Acromioplasty:

The acromion is bone, a part of the scapula or shoulder blade, which forms the roof of the shoulder. The undersurface of it can abrade or “impinge” on the rotator cuff. In acromioplasty the undersurface of the acromion is shaved to provide more room for the rotator cuff. In cases of rotator cuff tendonitis, acromioplasty may be sufficient to relieve symptoms. When a rotator cuff tear is present, the repair is usually accompanied by acromioplasty to make sure that there is no further abrasion of the rotator cuff.

Subacromial Spur:

Occasionally the growth of a small bone spur on the undersurface of acromion can cause impingement on and pain in the rotator cuff. The problem can be resolved by shaving down the bone growth until the surface is even with the rest of the acromion wall. This procedure is done arthroscopically. The video below shows this procedure.

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