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Aquabike is a Better Triathlon

Aquabike is a Better Triathlon

Triathlons have had 2 basic problems: running injuries and excessive training times. Aquabike is a relatively new competition that solves both problems.

Aquabike, which is growing rapidly, simply means a combined competition of swimming and cycling without the running. While running is terrific exercise, it is also very hard on the joints of most adults – especially when the running is on asphalt or concrete as is usually the case. My office is filled with runners with knee, back, and other problems caused by the repetitive pounding of regular running. Cycling and swimming can have their own overuse injuries but the incidence and severity are much less. And since cycling is primarily a lower body exercise and swimming extensively involves the core and upper body, Aquabike provides great conditioning balance: there is no need for the extra lower body workout provided by running.

The other problem with triathlons is that to be competitive you must train for 3 sports simultaneously. This usually involves training twice a day, early and late. Juggling this much training with job and family obligations is daunting for most. Aquabike training, by eliminating the third exercise, greatly reduces the time commitment involved.

If you are pain-free and have the time, triathlons are great. If not, Aquabike could be just what you need.



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