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Water Fast

Water Fast

Yesterday a postsurgical patient happily told me “Doc you inspired me, I lost 32 pounds.” It made my day. Here is the interesting story. He told me he became tired of being heavy and taking many medicines, and decided to do something about it

He decided to go on a water fast, drinking nothing but water, for 25 days. In that time period he lost 32 pounds. As a result, his diabetes disappeared, his high blood pressure disappeared and his gout (hyperuricemia) disappeared. He is no longer taking any medicines, has much more energy and feels great. In fact he is now planning a cross-country bicycle ride. He had no adverse effects from his water fast. He said that when he saw me on the day of surgery in my surgical scrubs he decided that he also wanted to be lean. If I in any way helped him to set this goal I’m gratified, but the truth is 100% of the credit goes to him for making the decision and having the determination to carry out his goal.

It has become clear that fasting is a great way to lose weight: whether intermittent fasting, water fasting, both, or other variations on this theme. One counter argument has always been that you will just put the weight on after the fast. The truth is there is no reason that this needs to happen. It just has to be important to you to be lean and healthy. I have a sibling having great results from intermittent fasting who has not put the weight on between fasts and finds that the fasting actually makes it easier to eat less between fasts.

I asked my patient if I could tell this story on Facebook to help inspire others. He said absolutely yes and in fact said I could give his phone number to any patient who wanted to talk to him. If anyone reading this is interested to do so please let me know and I will arrange contact.

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