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stem cell educator therapy corrects diabetes

stem cell educator therapy corrects diabetes

A Chinese scientist, Yong Zhao has shown in clinical studies in China and the University of Illinois that he can correct diabetes for four years, and possibly longer with an ingenious new application of stem cell technology.

This is how it works. "All patients received one treatment with the Stem Cell Educator therapy in which a patient's blood is circulated through a closed-loop system that separates mononuclear cells from the whole blood, briefly co-cultures them with adherent cord blood-derived multipotent stem cells (CB-SCs), and returns the educated autologous cells to the patient's circulation." Their results showed "the islet beta-cell function in Group C subjects was markedly recovered, as demonstrated by the restoration of C-peptide levels. Mechanistic studies revealed that Stem Cell Educator therapy reverses immune dysfunctions through immune modulation on monocytes and balancing Th1/Th2/Th3 cytokine production".

He is now conducting more trials at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, and in China. While stem cells are known for being able to grow new tissue, this amazing treatment points out that their "immunomodulatory" function is at least as important in clinical medicine.

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