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Probiotics, beneficial bacteria in our gut, have been linked to a number of disease states including asthma and crohn’s disease. Now there is new evidence of its involvement in both rheumatoid and osteo (degenerative) arthritis.

A new study has shown an association with patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) that improve after the RA is treated. And another recent study showed that treatment with probiotics for only 8 weeks resulted in improvement in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Another study has now shown an improvement in osteoarthritis although this was in laboratory animals. Overall taking probiotics is an excellent idea in my opinion – for a variety of beneficial health effects. A high quality protiotic is available from our website at the “purchase supplements” link. And in my opinion an ever better approach is to eat a FAGE greek yogurt every day – unless you have difficulties tolerating yogurt. The 0% fat FAGE has only 100 calories with a very high 18 grams of high quality protein. Why FAGE? It is the only major yogurt that is made authentically as Greek Yogurt without additives or fillers. For this reason it is delicious with no bitterness even without fruit, or other sweeteners. I have one every day as my lunch. I have no connection with the company in any way except that I believe in its products and admire its methods. If you read yogurt labels you will be very surprised to find what is in most of them, and how unappetizing they are without added sugar, syrup etc. They also have far more calories and far less protein.

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