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Infections from Cord Blood

Infections from Cord Blood

Genetech, the manufacturer, had some products distributed by a California company called Liveyon which issued a recall.  Genetech had been inspected in June and found that it did not have proper licensing and that quality control and cleaning were poor, resulting in increased risk of bacterial contamination.

As I have repeatedly written there is both increased risk and decreased efficacy anytime you are injected with anything that did not come from your body.  There are also however huge corporate profits to be made from these allogeneic products that result in billions of dollars being spent to develop more.  Your own tissue is always safer, always more effective, and always less expensive because there is no corporate middleman.  And with middleman processing comes increased risk – as shown here – that is much greater than if tissue is taken from you and given back to you at the same procedure.  

At our center we only use autologous tissue (from you) and not allogeneic which caused these infections.  Aside from the risk these injections generally do not contain any living stem cells, and if they did they would be prohibited from use by FDA regulations.  

The other reason, outside of pharmaceutical and other potential corporate profits, that these treatments (and others such as amniotic fluid) do not go away is that they are easy to use by doctors, chiropractors, nurses, physician’s assistants and even non-medical personnel.  Using autologous tissue, as we do exclusively at our clinic, requires skills and commitment to use properly.

Infections from Cord Blood

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