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Free breakfast tied to greater obesity

Free breakfast tied to greater obesity

Free breakfast tied to greater obesity. The idea that eating breakfast or eating frequent meals helps to lose weight is simply false. And programs that attempt to ensure that people do, result in weight gain as shown in this study. Eating less is the only answer…

Here is a link to the study. Eating less does not reduce metabolism. In fact there is evidence that it raises metabolism. So called intermittent fasting – skipping meals – not only increases metabolism but also increases stem cell levels. Eating makes you sluggish. In the animal kingdom hungry predators are more aggressive. Many have noted that beginning to eat early in the day just results in more food eaten by the end of the day. If you are overweight the only answer is to eat less. How this is accomplished doesn’t really matter. You can eat many small meals if you want, or you can eat fewer meals. Herschel Walker, one of the best athletes in history was famous for eating only once a day.

Misinformation – like the idea that breakfast is important – is yet one more reason why most Americans are obese or overweight and why the problem gets worse every year. Through history the value of abstinence from food, and the benefits of fasting have been recognized. Eating is essentially a necessary evil. The processing of food produces toxins and is the single biggest factor leading to premature death. Calorie restricted mice for example live a third longer than they otherwise would!

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