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Aspirin and Fish Oil

Aspirin and Fish Oil

New studies show that aspirin and #fishoil DO NOT prevent strokes or #heart attacks. Aspirin does NOT prevent #cancer. Fish oil does NOT help Diabetes….

message from these studies is that there is no easy way to health through popping pills. only means to good health are avoidance of obesity, obsessive devotion to exercise, abstinence from smoking, drinking very little alcohol and getting proper sleep. The problem is that these are all difficult, and require great effort and self discipline. If we all knew we had to do this to be healthy, then more people would be motivated to do so. But when we are told we can slack off and take a daily aspirin, fish oil or something else, then this easy way out wins over the hard work and discipline method just outlined. Further compounding the problem is that a lot of people make a lot of money selling pills, while no one makes money on effort and self discipline. Aggravating the problem even further is that studies like these showing that pills don’t work take a very long time to do, whereas unsubstantiated claims of benefit are quick and easy. Nonetheless, these studies are a welcome reminder that we will only get good health if we earn it – no pills – or other easy ways out - can give it to us.

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