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Alcohol can be harmful

Alcohol can be harmful

Drinking any amount of #alcohol increases health risks.  While it has been written that #drinking daily improves health, new study show that it doesn’t…  #wine

The results of this study shouldn’t surprise anyone really.  Alcohol has well known direct deleterious effects on the brain.  And while excessive drinking is known by all to be harmful, even small amounts of alcohol intake were found in this study to be harmful.  The effect is small with one drink per day, but goes up dramatically at the level of two drinks per day. 

The anti-oxidant positive effect of red wine that has been so often written about is in fact just from the brightly colored grapes.  In other words you get the same anti-oxidant benefit from grape juice as from wine, without the deleterious effects of the alcohol.  And even the supposed anti-oxidant effect has been more theoretical than real in many studies. 

The truth is that all mind altering or mood altering substances are harmful to varying degrees.  You may choose to indulge anyway, but it should be done in cognizance of the harmful effects and in spite of them, not in the mistaken belief that health is somehow improved.

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