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Spine disorders are one of the most frequent problems in the population, often leading to lost days of work, pain limiting activities, and impairment of daily activities of life. There are abundant treatment programs that offer relief for these problems, some of medical benefit, and some not.

Many instances of back pain can be treated based on a formal history and physical exam with conservative measures such as medication and therapy, and allow a prompt return to a normal lifestyle.Less frequently, back problems can be a sign of more serious problems. With advanced imaging techniques, such as an MRI, a specific diagnosis is made, and targeted treatment recommendations given. Again, most conservative measures will allow a return to a normal lifestyle. There are occasions when surgical intervention is the most appropriate choice. Under the right circumstances, surgery can be the best option for alleviating pain and restoring function.

Today’s lifestyles are fast-paced, and allow little time for pain or disability. Society has come to expect this same fast-paced diagnosis and intervention from medicine. Medicine is evolving so fast, that new and improved options are always being developed. Our office is dedicated to assisting patients when back problems arise. We provide timely appointments. We believe in a thorough history and physical. We use models and everyday language to educate patients on their problems. We formulate treatment programs WITH our patients. We provide follow-up and future recommendations to assist our patients as they return to healthy lifestyles.

Timely and targeted intervention offer the best chance for a successful resolution of spine problems. Our office is dedicated to assisting patients with their individual needs to enjoy healthy and active lifestyles.