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Diet and Nutrition



Avoid pain pills, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (nsaids), opioids and other pharmacologics

NSAIDS – These drugs, which include ibuprofen (motrin, advil), naproxen (aleve) and high dose aspirin as well as meloxicam, diclofenac (voltarin), celebrex indomethacin and others by prescription have 3 problems. 1. They actually interfere with healing, 2. They mask pain allowing you to hurt yourself more without knowing it and 3. They have toxic side effects including GI bleeding (often fatal) kidney failure and liver failure. A prestigious journal estimates over 15,000 deaths occur yearly in the USA from their use.

OPIOID NARCOTICS – (hydrocodone and others) – they mask pain allowing greater damage and have serious side effects including sever constipation and death from respiratory suppression.

ANTI-DEPRESSANTS – (Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac, Cymbalta and others) – these drugs are often prescribed for “fibromyalgia” as a pain reliever even though they are not pain relievers. They are highly addictive and have been shown to increase suicidal ideation in young adults (as warned by the FDA). They do not treat the underlying musculoskeletal problem.


I have personally researched the peer reviewed scientific literature for nutritional supplements with proven efficacy in humans (vs just animals) in controlled studies. I then identified GMP certified manufacturers who produced these in the proper doses (many OTC drugs have improper doses, e.g. MSM) and without other supplements mixed in so that patients could try them individually. None are pain pills, all help improve the affected area, all are very safe and do not interfere with other medicines in general.

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VITAMIN D: Virtually all people in northern latitudes such as Chicago are vitamin D deficient. You should have your level tested. I take 2000 Units oral Vitamin D 8 months/year and get in the sun instead June-September. If you are fair skinned you may wish to supplement year round. Vitamin D is incredibly important for proper functioning of every organ system. Click here for more information.

CALCIUM: If you have normal kidney function it is prudent to take at least 500 – 600mg calcium daily if you do not consume the equivalent of 2 glasses of milk daily. Along with Vitamin D and weight bearing exercise calcium is the most natural regimen to avoid osteoporosis without the use of bisphosphonates and their sometimes dangerous side effects (spontaneous femur fractures, osteonecrosis of the jaw). Recently some have tied calcium to heart disease. The evidence for this is controversial.


Listed from roughly most to least effective

GLUCOSAMINE(1500mg) AND CHONDROITIN(1200mg): Far and away the most effective nutritional supplement, as shown in numerous studies and meta-analyses. The dose is 2 tablets taken together. Very well tolerated (unless shellfish allergic, for which alternative forms exist). Useful for joint problems.

CURCUMIN - The active ingredient in Tumeric. Is useful for any inflammatory condition

5-LOX INHIBITOR - This is made from Boswellic Acid which is in turn made from Frankincense. Like Glucosamine/Chondroitin it has great efficacy in pets as well as humans.

DR THEO’S AVOSOY - The subject of the best selling book “The Arthritis Cure” (has only negligible amounts of soy)

CAT’S CLAW (Unctaria Tomentosa) – Used for millennia in the Amazon Jungle

MSM – This source of beneficial Sulphur has been shown effective in doses ranging from 4000-6000 mg daily. Our formulation provides 4500 mg daily taken as directed. It is often included in proprietary mixtures in doses that are far smaller, often less than 500mg/day, that are unlikely to be effective.

JOINT-UC This is undenatured Collagen 2. It is recommended that it be taken at night.

FISH OIL Has been shown to be helpful for arthritis

PROBIOTICS - Many of our patients obtain beneficial probiotics by eating Greek yogurt. The best such one and one of the only ones made with no additives is FAGE yogurt. The 0% type has 18 grams of protein and only 100 calories. It tastes good plain, unlike many yogurts, and does not need sugary substances added. I eat one daily for lunch. Alternatively we sell ingestible oral probiotics

GINGER ROOT - has been shown effective in inflammatory arthritis

POMEGRANATE - has also been shown effective. An 8 oz serving daily is adequate although it carries 150 calories like other (naturally) sweet fruit juices.


ONSET OF ACTION : These supplements must be taken for at least 90 days to determine if they are of benefit, although they may help much sooner.

WHICH TO TAKE : All arthritics should take glucosamine/chondroitin. Curcumin, 5-LOXIN and avosoy are next in importance. The rest on the list however have all been shown to be useful in good studies.

COST : The supplements sold on the website are in general a little more costly than may be found retail. The reason is that they are GMP certified whereas most sold retail, especially the lowest priced brands, are not and may contain impurities, contaminants and unreliable dosages.


WHAT TO EAT : Current evidence supports a diet rich in vegetables and legumes with small amounts of fruit and nuts and a lean protein source such as fish, poultry, lean beef or eggs. Meat should be hormone and antibiotic free. All processed food should be avoided. Organic food is far better.

WHAT IS GOOD FAT : Newer evidence favors saturated animal fat, coconut oil and olive oil. Frying is best done with coconut oil or animal fat which are saturated. Unsaturated fats can have toxic oxidation and should be avoided.

AVOID CARBS : Best to avoid starch and sugar as much as possible.

GLUTEN : Best avoided both to control weight and because it produces generalized inflammation in some.

DAIRY : This is a matter of trial and error. If it bothers you then best to avoid. Yogurt is controversial but since it is lactose digested it is well tolerated by most.