Cold Laser

What is Cold Laser?

Although called cold laser, this laser is not really cold, but instead it is of lower power than the kind of laser that can burn or destroy tissue. Cutting lasers have about 5 watts of power but our cold laser is 100 miliwatts. This is more powerful than some cold laser, but research has shown that this is the ideal strength to optimize results. The laser used by our office is made by Weber , one of the leaders in the field.


Treatment is performed by attaching 4 small pads with lasers to the skin so that the lasers are pointed directly downward against the skin. The treatment lasts for 20 minutes of continuous light. There is no pain, no heat and no side effects from the treatment. During the treatment, patients describe that they can feel the effects of the laser.


Results from the treatment are usually seen shortly after the treatment is completed. Research has shown that the laser treatment can decrease pain, improve joint range of motion and improve nerve function.

How does Cold Laser work?

Research indicates that monochromatic light (like a laser) can stimulate ATP and nitric oxide production. This has a natural anti-inflammatory effect.

Laser can also work like needleless acupuncture to stimulate the acupuncture meridians. There is evidence to suggest that this stimulates the parasympathetic nerves which can directly produce decreased inflammation.

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