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Out of Town Patients

Patients regularly journey from outside the Chicago area and outside Illinois to obtain consultations and have surgery by Dr Prodromos.

Lengths of Visit:

Simple arthroscopic surgical procedures: These are performed as outpatients and require a stay of only 1 – 3 days.

ACL reconstruction: This is performed on an outpatients basis. Patients may stay for as little as 4 days after surgery although 1 week is preferred.

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI): This may be outpatient or may involve an overnight stay when performed by itself. Staying in the area for 4 days to 1 week is recommended.

High tibial osteotomy (HTO): HTO involves a hospital admission of 1 to 2 nights. Patient should plan to stay in the Chicago area for roughly 3 weeks. 

MRI SCANS:  When these are needed they can be scheduled on the day of the visit at our preferred facility.

Navy PierLocal Accommodations

We can arrange hotel accommodations close to the office. However, some patients will prefer to stay in downtown Chicago and avail themselves of the many museum, theater, restaurant spectator sport and other attractions available there. Our downtown office is close to these areas.

After You Have Gone Home

We will stay in touch regularly by telephone and will communicate with local health providers concerning follow-up care. Return visits to Chicago will be required but are generally few in number. Follow-up x-rays can be mailed in, and are often transmissible over the internet. Similarly digital pictures of the incision or joint involved can be sent over the web when needed.

Wrigley FieldInsurance Reimbursement

Obtaining out of state reimbursement is not a problem for most PPO plans.  HMO coverage varies.  Our staff will research this and provide answers for you regarding your coverage.

Scheduling Flexibility

Our staff will arrange an appointment that accommodates your schedule.  In addition you will have as much time as needed with Dr Prodromos so that all your questions can be answered in 1 visit.  In most cases a second visit will be needed if surgery is decided upon at the original visit.  In some cases, usually involving ACL reconstruction, the initial consultation and surgery can be scheduled on consecutive days thus avoiding the need for a second trip.