Other Knee Surgery


Chondroplasty is the removal of loose or fraying cartilage in the knee. For more details on this procedure, go to here.

Meniscal Surgery:

The two menisci in the knee are made of “fibrocartilage.” This is a hybrid tissue that is part articular cartilage and part fibrous tissue (which is what scar tissue is made of). There is a medial, or inner, meniscus and a lateral, or outer, meniscus. They are wedge shaped, i.e. triangular in cross-section. Each is about three to four centimeters in length and width. Their purpose is to cushion the knee and preserve and protect the articular cartilage.

The menisci have a blood supply only in their peripheral border and can only heal in this area, even when they are repaired. When the tear is at the periphery, meniscal repair can be performed. However, most of the time, the torn portion must be removed to prevent damage to the articular cartilage. This is called meniscectomy .

Lateral Release:

Lateral release is a procedure that can be performed to help correct a malaligned kneecap. For more details on this procedure, please click here.

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